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What can you expect when you sign up for coaching with me?

I offer one on one personalized coaching sessions via Zoom. We will use this time to pick apart your long term goals and reverse-engineer them so you will be able build a successful business without making the same mistakes I made.

Our first call will primarily focus on the big picture and your most burning questions, and then we can dig into the specifics in future sessions. The first session is typically an hour to an hour and a half and is $99, and each additional session is $75 per hour. I encourage you to book monthly or quarterly coaching sessions so that I can help you along each stage of your journey, but you are welcome to book one call if you just need help with one specific issue.

There are a lot of great business coaches within the pet industry, and we all have our own individual experiences and specialties. While I have seen and dealt with just about everything in my nine years of building Bad to the Bone, I tend to be the best fit for people that are just starting out on their business journey. I love helping other petpreneurs with their business plans, their mindset, and their marketing strategy. I also have extensive experience with hiring and managing staff, and transitioning Independent Contractors to full Employee status.

If I can not help you, for whatever reason, I will get you in contact with someone better aligned with your needs.

The Pawsitive Hiring Course:
How to Build Your Dream Pet Care Team!
Launching June 1st!

Work with Doug!

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Strategy sessions with Doug are $99 per hour if booking an individual session, $75 per hour if booking multiple sessions (weekly/monthly/etc). These sessions are held via Zoom video call and are completely tailored to your specific needs. You will receive an email from Doug within 48 hours of submitting this form to confirm a date and time and make payment.(Required)

I have recently:

Created a winning marketing plan for a business in Kentucky

Perfected the hiring practices of a business in North Carolina

Created intake forms and hiring ads for a business in Texas

Coached a business through converting their ICs to EEs in GA

Talked a business through writing their business plan in California

Helped find new sources of revenue for a business in Oregon

Walked a business through referral partnerships in Indiana

Designed a website for a business in Maine

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